Wilderlands Windows Wallpaper

Long ago, your humble Webminion made up a background tile based on one of the Wilderlands maps for the first Judges Guild website. The folks over at Necromancer's website are using one of them, in fact, as the background for their site.

In the process of rebuilding this site, there has necessarily been a lot of rummaging around in long-unused folders looking for old files that are needed for one thing or another. In the process of this rummaging, the original source files for that background tile turned up. A bit of work on the raw file and voila! Windows wallpaper!

There are two versions here -- one in greyscale, which looks much like the background in use on except with more terrain in it (the Web background one used just part of the southern area, to keep the file size reasonable) and another which has been colored buff to resemble the old tan maps, complete with a sort of pebble texture.

Grey Wilderlands
Tan Wilderlands

Right-click and use save link as or save target as (as appropriate to your browser). Then install them like any other wallpaper image.