Dedication Page

This dedication page was inadvertantly left out of The Treasury of Archaic Names

Dedication by Ms. Johnson:

Dedicated to my Mother,
For always encouraging me to dream and for being my original roleplaying partner.

Dedication by Mr. Owen:

Dedicated to Jim and Bashiri Jones,
With my wishes of valor and imagination for the future.

Acknowledgements by Ms. Johnson:

My sincere thanks to Stan Engle for supporting me in not just this project, but in everything I undertake. My thanks also to April O’Donnell for being understanding of my odd hours and helping me keep everything straight. Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Daniel Pinti for assisting me on my quest for sources of female names.

Acknowledgements by Mr. Owen:

My thanks to Judges Guild, Bob Bridgeman of Abbot and Foran Printing, Stevens Publishing, and special thanks to Leta Burch.

An Invitation:

The user of this book is invited to change, discard, and reverse the name combinations in this guide, according to personal preference. I would like to invite you to contribute your own lists of names and offer your opinions on this book. Please send correspondence to: Bob Bledsaw, Judges Guild, 1737 North Walnut Grove Ave., Decatur, IL. 62526

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