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Full Color Wilderlands Map

NEW Wilderlands Map - Full Color GIANT map with HEX GRID -- Perfect 5/8" hexes (standard sized, finally!), and a grid coordinate system so that you know where you are, have been overlaid over the beautiful map that Rob Lee created for Necromancer Games. Now the map is 21.46" wide and the printed height is 34", giving 20 miles to the hex, so that 5 mile hexes fit perfectly. Support the Overlord -- buy maps! Buy one to write on, one to laminate, one to hang on your wall, one for that hard-to-buy-for relative. . . .

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Players Guide to the Wilderlands

Players Guide to the Wilderlands -- Whether a veteran Judges Guild fan or a new player just-now discovering the Wilderlands, you'll find plenty of adventure in this landmark fantasy setting. The Wilderlands of High Fantasy: Players Guide provides you with everything you need to begin a campaign in the epic Wilderlands, including the classic City State of the Invincible Overlord!

Note: this is a temporary link until Necromancer's full Judges Guild support site is back; search for Wilderlands in their catalog to locate the actual book.