Pegasus Magazine

Online Issues

Classic issues of Pegasus magazine, long out of print, are now available in electronic format. They can be found in the Guildhall. Enjoy them during the Guildhall Open House!

Pegasus Cover Gallery

A trip into the past: Pictures of the many and varied of the print copies of Pegasus throughout the years.

Writers' Guidelines

Do you want to write for Pegasus? Then you'll need our Writer's Guidelines. Be sure to read both parts and include a signed Release Form with your submission.

  • Categories - the normal Pegasus Magazine article types
  • Submission Guide - How to format and submit a manuscript to Pegasus
  • Style Guide - the Pegasus Magazine standard style and usage guide
  • Release Form - This must be signed and included with every submission to Pegasus
Format Information

Here is the information you need to use (or write) material in Judges Guild's Universal format. We have also included a version which is somewhat more printer-friendly for your convenience in printing out a copy for reference.