Pegasus Submission Categories

The following is a brief outline of just what goes into an issue of Pegasus Magazine. Like everything else around Judges Guild, these are guidelines, not absolute rules set in stone. They should serve as a guide to where something you're planning to write might belong, and the approximate size to work towards. Those in italics are written by the Pegasus and Judges Guild staff.

Featured Articles
  • Interview - an interview with a RPG industry personality.
  • Articles - articles on topics useful to Judges. (2-6 pages)
  • Modules - complete, ready-to-run adventure modules, including maps. (8-16 pages)
  • Fiction - short stories in the JG campaign world. (2-6 pages)
Regular Columns
  • Horse Feathers - editor's column (1 page)
  • Message from the Overlord - founder's column (1 page)
  • Chancy Charts -- random generation tables (up to 2 pages)
    These should be similar in style to those found in the Ready Ref Book, etc. If you are submitting a regular article, a matching page of charts is a nice finishing touch.
  • Eventful Encounters -- two-page adventures (1 page map, 1 page key/description)
    Eventful Encounters are brief scenarios such as monster lairs, etc. One page should be the map, the other (and any remaining space on the first) is the key to the locations on the main map.
  • Hazardous Hexes -- wilderlands-style hex maps with descriptions (1 page map, 1 page key)
    These are single 5-mile hex maps similar to the ones from the old Wilderlands books with a key on the facing page. There should be some sort of twist or hook to make it more interesting than just another patch of woods.
  • Treacherous Traps, Malevolent Monsters, Benevolent Beings, Magnificent Magic -
     Trap, monster, NPC, and magic item descriptions similar to what you would find in the Sharebooks. In fact, contributing to the Sharebooks is an easy way to submit them for Pegasus as well! Traps can include diagrams if necessary.
  • Perilous Portals -- outlines of new worlds to visit with some kind of twist (1 page)
    Think of these as a one-page "executive summary" of a world concept that Judges can use to develop ideas for worlds players might make excursions to, similar to the old Portals module series.
  • The Horse's Tail -- something light or humorous (1 page)