News from the Overlord

Journal Issue J online

May 28, 2004 - The second issue of the Judges Guild Journal is online in the Guildhall -- right next to the first one, of course. More will be coming as time permits, along with Pegasus back issues and other good things.

New Sections Added!

June 6, 2004 - Two new sections have been added to the Judges Guild website: Portals is a page of links to other Judges Guild material online. Do you have a Judges Guild fansite? Let us know! The Library is somewhat bare at the moment, but it will be the home of Judges Guild reference material and fan-written fiction. Watch this space to see how you will be able to contribute!

Journal Issue I online

May 28, 2004 - The very first issue of the Judges Guild Journal is online in the Guildhall -- which you will know, if you're a regular viewer of the Seeing Stone, is currently holding an Open House. Few people today will ever have the chance to hold this incredibly rare issue ... but everyone can now read it. And there's more to come! More Journals will be posted online as time permits.

Postcard Changes

May 26, 2004 - It turned out that there were some rights issues with the postcard script that we had been using. Despite the assurances of the author that he would permit us to use it even though is a commercial site, I felt it was wiser to replace it. Instead of searching for another pre-written script I've spent the past few days coding my little heart out. The result is a script that can use the HTML templates I set up for the original but is totally different under the hood. On the plus side, this means that it will be much easier for me to add new features, if we can think of any more features to put on postcards besides pictures, text, and stamps. On the minus side, the format the files are saved in is totally different, so if you sent a postcard and it wasn't picked up by the time of the change-over (about 6pm EDT today) it's been fed to Woody and you'll have to send a new one. Sorry about that, but the two scripts are just too different to be able to handle the old postcard files without a lot more programming. is fixed

May 23, 2004 - I guess sending a major demon over to have a personal chat with the network operations staff must have worked! Necromancer Games' Judges Guild support site, judgesguildcom, is back at its proper URL. That's the place to go for Necromancer's licensed Judges Guild products for the d20 system.

Send a Postcard

May 20, 2004 - The Imperial Messenger Service is now offering free Postcards from the City-State of the Invincible Overlord. Well, electronic postcards, anyway -- though you can print them out and tack them up on your wall if you like. Currently available art is the Judges Guild pegasus rider and Pegasus covers -- more to come. (5/22: Modron cover art added) (5/24: Badabaskor cover art added)

Email List Signup!

May 18, 2004 - Want to be one of the first to get new Judges Guild announcements? Sign up for our email list and get our rather irregular newsletter. Rest assured, we will never, ever, ever let a spammer get his, her, or its filty, stinking hands on that list.

It's a Bouncing Baby Website!

May 15, 2004 - Two weeks from the day the decision was made to renovate, the first stage of the job is complete.

With a few exceptions that are still being looked at for later placement, everything is back where it should be. The monster and magic exchanges are back, better than ever, as the Sharebooks, and now also feature traps. The Guestbook is up and running, complete with an archive of all of the past guestbooks. For community discussion, we have the Felicitous Forum. The back issues of Pegasus have been reformatted to match the rest of the site amd the Pegasus cover gallery has been polished up a bit. The classic Booty List update is well underway with the addition of authors' names, publication dates, and game systems. There is now a printable Judges Guild product checklist as well, to help keep tabs on your own collection. Many minor updates have been made, such as the updated Pegasus writer's information, the reformatted Universal System information (now also available in printer-friendly form), some conveniently sized versions of the Viridistan map, and other odds and ends.

Updates to this news page will probably be somewhat less frequent, but keep watching. There's a lot more to come!

May 13, 2004 - For those people looking for Necromancer Games' Judges Guild support site, they're still having some issues with their server move but the site can be accessed directly by IP at https://www. I've been through a server migration myself, and I wish them the best of luck. The Imp of the Perverse lives in the DNS system.

Guildhall Open House

May 11, 2004 - The Guildhall is holding an Open House! That's right, all the features of the Guildhall, and those soon to be added, are open to the public for a limited time. You can read classic articles in the Pegasus online archive, read (or contribute to!) the sharebooks, including the new book of Treacherous Traps, and there are more features on the way.

A Library of Sharebooks

May 11, 2004 - Remember the old monster and item exchanges? They're back in a new and improved form: sharebooks. So what is a sharebook? Just what it sounds like: a collection of contributions from users for everyone to share. Do you have a favorite monster you've invented, a unique magic item, or a particularly devious trap? Come and share it with your fellow Guildmembers. You might even see it published in Pegasus some day!

Forums Open!

May 7, 2004 - We now have our own online forum: the Felicitous Forum. Yes, the real thing! You no longer have to put up with Yahoo's advertising and personal questions, or a minimalist web board. We have our own forums with all the trimmings ... go check it out!

We've Moved!

May 3, 2004 - Judges Guild has moved to a new web host -- better, faster, and with more options. In conjunction with the move, we are completely overhauling the website to make it easier to use and more visually appealing . . . and, of course, adding new content!

Moving is moving, whether you're lugging cartons of books or buckets of ones and zeroes, so it will take us a few days to get everything unpacked and back where it belongs. You can look forward to more content, more updates, more goodies, and more of everything that makes Judges Guild special.