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Welcome to the Guildmember Magnificent Magic Sharebook. All of the items you see listed here were created by your fellow Guildmembers. Please feel free to use them in your own campaign. All entries are the property of Judges Guild, and can not be reproduced in any form, including as net.books, on personal or business websites, or, of course, in print.

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The Blade-Master's Gauntlets by John Hepner [email]

These finely crafted gloves are made of soft, tooled leather. They are often dyed a rich jewel-tone. A pair of these gauntlets will radiate faint magic. Individually they will appear to be non-magical. Any character (regardless of class or profession) may wear a pair of these gloves.

When a character wears a pair of Blade-Master's Gauntlets they gain a bonus 'to hit' with one type of bladed weapon. Each pair of these gloves will only grant bonuses to a single weapon. Gauntlets affecting either Long-swords, Short-swords or Daggers are the most common types found. Sages report variations of these magical gauntlets (conferring bonuses to other melee weapons) do exist.

The strength of the enchantment on a pair of these gloves varies from +1 to +4 (+5% to +20%) 'to hit' with +1 being the most common. This 'to-hit' bonus is conferred to any character possessing the specific weapon-skill that the gauntlet boosts. For characters with the appropriate weapon skill the 'to-hit' bonuses granted by the gauntlets are cumulative with any other 'to-hit' bonuses from attributes, skill, or magic.

Characters lacking the specific weapon-skill the gauntlet affects do not gain the 'to-hit' bonus normally conferred by these gloves. Instead treat the character as if he possessed a base level of proficiency with the particular weapon the gauntlets affect. Characters wearing these gloves may thus gain (temporary) proficiency with weapon skills that are normally unavailable to their adventuring class or profession.

In addition, normal weaponry will function as magical weaponry (of a magical 'plus' equal to that of the gauntlets) for determining what creatures may be struck. Thus a character wearing a pair of Blade-Master's Gauntlets that provide a bonus to short-swords will, while wielding a normal short-sword, be able to inflict damage on a creature that is immune to non-magic weaponry. In spite of this effect, a normal weapon will not radiate any magic when wielded.

The bonuses granted by a pair of these gauntlets only work when the same person wears both gloves. When both gloves are worn the designs that are tooled into the leather will shimmer with a very faint light. This light is too faint to see by if the character is in darkness, but bright enough to be noticed by anyone that watches the character carefully.

A few, extremely rare, pairs of gauntlets are rumored to confer magical bonuses to damage in addition to their 'to-hit' bonus.

Bow of Magic Missiles by Steve Balog [email]

I set this up after watching the Dungeons & Dragons Saturday morning TV show, so I don't know how legal it is. The bow is made of brass and has a strong magic dweomer. It acts similarly to a Rod of Spell Storing, in that it can absorb a certain number of spell levels per day. The bow can hold up to 30 charges which can be expelled in golden energy arrows (1 charge) that do d6+3 damage, no to hit modifier. The strengths can be doubled by doubling the charge, but the damage bonus stays the same (+3). Should more the character that owns the bow try to absorb more than 30 charges, the bow will explode as a fireball doing the number of of charges in d6 dice damage to a 30' diameter volume.

The Grizzly Bow by Kara Geilman [email]

It appears to be a standard large mechanical crossbow, but has a lever to reset it for a new bolt it can not be reset by hand, when fired it puts forth a steel bolt that puts 900 ft. lbs. of torque. This is sufficient to hit with dam of S/M 2 to 8 + 5 , L/Giant class 1-10 +5 force plus shockwave damage (must make system shock or victim will automatically go to htk of -1 and start dropping.) It will leave any opponent making system shock stunned and knocked out for 2 to 4 rounds taking the normal damage on the first successful body hit, limb hits will go completely through and may break the bone giving normal damage, (roll for hit location). It Requires a 17 strength or better to reset. Once reset, any fighter or fighter sub class can fire it. It is capable of hitting with enough force when fired at a building to knock down wooden doors and walls breaking doors from there hinges using a special bolt with a ball shape on the end. It only has a range of about 200 ft. at full force with force dropping 100 ft. lbs. pressure per 10 yds. doing -1 to the possible damage at each drop. If the damage is dimished by a -5 no shockwave damage will occur. It requires steel or better bolts to be fired. Any wooden bolt used will break and misfire and has a chance of doing damage to the user (roll on reaction adjustment for half damage). If full damage is taking from this mishap, use criticle hit tables to determine the location.

It also has the ability to summon a large bear once a day as a gaurdian (per Animal summoning as a 12th level druid). Roll for type. Grizzly, Brown, Black, Polar. has 25% of each. If a animal friendship spell is cast on this summoned animal, user must roll 85% or better or the spell will only last for one week. At which time the bear will either flee or turn on the owner of the Bow (50% or higher chance of turning), The user who holds the bear there by magic will loose his call bear ability till that bear is released. If a druid sees the bear, the druid will sense an imbalance and note the bear is being held against its will and should attempt to release the bear.

The bow also has the ability to automatically reincarnate the user as one of the type of bears if the wielder is killed. The reincarnation will not take affect until after the wielder of the bow has been dead for two weeks and no other healing means are being used. This means that if the user is resurrected within two weeks, the spell will not take effect. there is a 10% chance of the reincarnation being of another type of creature as listed in the reincarnation spell.

The bow also has the ability to grant shape change per druidic ability to the user once per week into any neutral creature. (35% or less chance of it being a bear, 85% chance of it being the called for animal.

History: The bow was originally designed and built for a ranger by a very strange druid who had a shop making weapons. The weapon is neutral in alignment.

Frog-Eye Helm by The Webmaster [email]

This unique item is a bascinet subtly shaped in the form of a frog, with two bulging froggy eyes sculpted into the top. It looks somewhat silly, causing a small negative reaction modifier (-5%) to anyone who does not know the wearer.

Its benfits, however, outweigh the disadvantage of wearing a helm that looks rather like a frog. In addition to having the normal armor effects of a helm of its type, the Frog-Eye Helm has the following special powers:

Enhanced peripheral vision -- the wearer can see movement anywhere except for a 90 degree arc directly behind the helm. Note that if something is not moving, or moving very, very slowly (e.g., a slug crawling) it will not be noticed. Some users have, howe ver, reported an inordinate interest in watching bugs.

Swimming underwater -- when in water, the wearer's skin functions as a frog's for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This allows a humanoid wearer to survive underwater for ten times the normal limit. If a character could normally hold her breath for a m inute and a half, with the Frog-Eye Helm on she could hold it for fifteen minutes instead. Note that this is also dependant on the amout of oxygen available in the water: A cold, clear trout stream will allow breathing for considerably longer than the bot tom of a bog. The 10x factor is for the surface waters of a normal temperate-zone lake; for other areas, the Judge should modify accordingly.

Froggly Eyes -- The wearer can choose to see solely through the frog eyes on the helm. For game purposes, treat the forward 90 degree arc as being similar to normal human vision, except in black and white, 90 degrees to each side being sensitive to moveme nt only as for the enhanced peripheral vision, and again the rear arc is a blind spot.

By submerging in water with just the frog eyes breaking the surface, perhaps with a bit of mud or pond weed to disguise the top of the helm, it is possible to hide while watching what is going on, taking advantage of the frog skin feature to only surface to breathe every ten minutes or so.


Please remember that the items you see listed here were created by your fellow Guildmembers. Please feel free to use them in your own campaign (that's why they're here!) but all entries are the property of Judges Guild, and can not be reproduced in any form, including as net.books, on personal or business websites, or, of course, in print.