Welcome, Guildmember!

OPEN HOUSE at the Guildhall! From now until we launch the new Guildmember Subscriptions, the Guildhall will be open to visitors. Come on in, wander around, and see what we have to offer: the Pegasus archive, the Sharebooks, and much more to come. Free coffee and donuts are available in the main hall . . . WOODY!!! Er, make that coffee and donuts were available. . . .

The Judges Guild Journal was the very first RPG magazine. The early issues, whose circulation numbered in the hundreds, are among the rarest of the rare. As time is available, those rare early issues are being put online for the benefit of Guildmembers. Take a trip back in time, visit the early days of the Guild, and read the Journal here!

Pegasus Magazine was the last and largest of the magazines published by Judges Guild, building on the success of the Judges Guild Journal, Dungeoneer, and Dungeoneer's Journal -- and Pegasus is back!. Selected back issues are now available online, along with the writer's guidelines and submission information you need to contribute to the upcoming issue.

What is a Sharebook? It's a compendium of items contributed by Guildmembers ready and waiting for you to use. Read the marvellous magical inventions, malevolent monstrous creations, and treacherously tricky traps from the devious minds of your fellow Guildmembers -- and add your own. The best may even see print in Pegasus some day! NOTE: contributions to the Sharebooks have been suspended until measures can be put in place to block spamming scripts.