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Tell us what you're interested in seeing from Judges Guild, tell us what your favorite classic Judges Guild products are, or just say "hi".

Name: Robert Mania
City Frankfort, KY
Are you a GuildMember? No
Sent: 8.29 am - sun 27 jul 2003

Purchased a number of products going back to the 70's. Glad to see back.

Name: Kara Geilman
Homepage: https://www.htt://
City San Antonio
How long have you played Judges Guild? 7 years
Are you a GuildMember? yes
Sent: 6.39 pm - tue 24 jun 2003

Would like to welcome all of you back to our site, I apologize for the delay in getting it back up running, unfortunately, we had some administrative issues with our ISP, the hosting service ceased to exist and we found ourselves being hosted on a unattended server for several months and finally managed to get the Registar (domains direct of TuCows) to redirect our domain to a new DNS. Well thats all technical jargon that you dont need to worry about. All you need to care about is the great products and services soon to be available here from JGI. I will soon be modify the booty list to add a online shopping cart and a download area for secure downloads. We will probably have some free and others for a fee. We have lots of stuff worked up that is not going under the Necro banner and we want you guys to have it, and its only available here on for download.

Sincerely, Your Webmistress

Name: Megan D.
City, TX.
Sent: 10.53 am - wed 14 may 2003

Thought I would say HOWDY from Texas:)

Name: Tom Taylor
City Gardiner, WA
How long have you played Judges Guild? 18 years
Are you a GuildMember? no, BUT I WANT TO BE ONE!!
Sent: 1.06 am - fri 28 mar 2003

Good to see you guys back and pumping out stuff. I have been playing/judging RuneQuest for many (many) years and I love your suppliments.
I have a few (quite a few) locales which I have created. I will check out your guidelines and submit something soon (I hope).
Re-open that GuildMembership soon. I want in and I'd love to help spread the word.

Name: Paul Nevins
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since they started, 70's
Are you a GuildMember? I was
Sent: 2.34 pm - tue 18 mar 2003

Name: Mark
City Weston-Super-Mare
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since the start of the 80's
Are you a GuildMember? No
Sent: 5.37 am - thu 13 mar 2003

Welcome back, good to see you again, and I hope to soon be able to replace all those battered barely recognisable 'city state' books with updated copies.

Good luck.

Name: Alan Heah
City Singapore
Sent: 7.18 pm - tue 11 feb 2003

Oops. Above, please find full personal web page address, if it interests thee.

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