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Tell us what you're interested in seeing from Judges Guild, tell us what your favorite classic Judges Guild products are, or just say "hi".

Name: Alan Heah
City Singapore, Southeast Asia
How long have you played Judges Guild? First date, early 1980s
Are you a GuildMember? No
Sent: 7.17 pm - tue 11 feb 2003

Welcome back! Really!

Almost 2 decades ago, back in secondary school (high school), I acquired Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches, one of the few originals I could afford on my pocket money (without having to resort to photocopies).

Just that one product etched Judges Guild indelibly into my memory. The breathtaking scope covered in just one of similar gazetteers! The many maps (they tore easily though)! The sketchy details (that suggested so many more possibilities!).

I still remember the wistful heartache then - so much imagination, so little money.

Well, as a family man now, I can afford better. Thank goodness Wizards, d20, D&D 3rd Ed, Steve Jackson Games, and many others have helped keep RPG alive until now.

May Judges Guild re-join this new wave, and come out even better than before, while retaining its classic charm!

Name:Paul Mihalko
City San Antonio, TX
Sent: 7.47 pm - tue 31 dec 2002

Glad that the Judges Guild is back.

Name:Steve Stottrup
City Chicago, IL
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since November of 1979
Are you a GuildMember? I think so?
Sent: 2.33 pm - mon 16 dec 2002

Hail, and well met, as they say. The resurgence of the Judges Guild has taken a little longer than anticipated, but I am excited about the new partnership with Necromancer Games, and I'm looking forward to the re-release of CSIO and The Wilderlands Boxed Set as soon as I can get my hands on them! I'm convinced that Judges Guild is truly on a course to return to its former glory as the permier 3rd part publisher of FRPG content.

Thanks for all of the good stuff in the past, and the good stuff to come!

Name:Dion & Brenda Gain
City Rio Rancho NM
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since 1984
Sent: 4.07 am - mon 16 dec 2002

Hi Bob! Great to see you back in business! Judges Guild lives again! Even though it was dark times toward the end of the original regime, we still have fond memories of helping out in the dungeon of the old school building on Sunnyside in Decatur and playing games of Santa Paravia on the Trash 80! We still own every module we earned working for you. Take care!

City Rohnert Park CA
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since 1979
Are you a GuildMember? Yes
Sent: 11.25 am - thu 12 dec 2002

Ahh yes...the old days when the heroes feared the Orcs of the Purple claw.

Name:Luciano Lozano
City San Marcos, TX
Sent: 12.26 pm - wed 11 dec 2002

Name: Kevin Walker
City Rochester
How long have you played Judges Guild? 25 years off and on.
Sent: 11.14 pm - tue 10 dec 2002

Contributing to bloating the guestbook beyond belief. :)

Name: Gabor Lux
City Budapest/Pecs
How long have you played Judges Guild? CSIO since ~2001
Are you a GuildMember? kind of
Sent: 5.26 am - tue 10 dec 2002

And the first entry in years! Let's raise this from the grave, shall we?

City Riverside California
How long have you played Judges Guild? Since late 70's early 80's
Sent: 9.51 pm - mon 9 dec 2002

Been missing you guys for some 15 years now. Great to have you back. Can't wait for the new release of the City State Of The Invincible Overlord!!

Name:Greg Geilman
Sent: 10.03 pm - sun 8 dec 2002

Hey the guestbook is up!

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