Contact the Overlord and his minions


The Judges Guild's Felicitous Forum is an easy and direct way of contacting the Judges Guild staff. You will find the Overlord's Audience Chamber there, where you can post questions of general interest to be responded to by Bob Bledsaw and Bill Owen, and likewise a board where you can report problems with the website, make suggestions, and laugh at the Webminion's typos.


We now have handy web-based forms available to send email to Judges Guild. These, plus enhanced spam-filtering service from our new host, will help to reduce the amount of spam that is flooding our mailboxes (like everyone else's) into uselessness. There is no way for a web-crawling spambot to harvest addresses out of these forms, so your email to us won't be buried in pages of spam for things better left unmentioned.

Snail Mail

For reasons related to intellectual property rights, we are currently only accepting submissions for Pegasus in printed form so that the necessary signed Submission Release Letter can be included with your manuscript. Hardcopy submissions (including the form) should be sent to:

Pegasus Magazine
c/o Robert Bledsaw
1737 North Walnut Grove Ave.
Decatur, IL 62526