The People of Judges Guild

Ever look at the names on your Judges Guild collection and wonder who some of those people are, or whatever happened to them? Here is a partial list, to be expanded when information and time permit. Since many of these folks did many different things, job descriptions are only approximations of what they actually did; space limitations prevent putting in their entire resumes.

Name What they did What they're doing now
Bob Bledsaw founder running Judges Guild
Bill Owen co-founder being pestered by the Webminion
Norma Bledsaw
(Bob's wife)
Debbie Bledsaw
(Bob's youngest sister)
order processing  
Jim Allen layout, shipping, artist  
Mark Holmer business manager farmer
Bill Davis shipping manager  
Peggy F. secretary  
Debbie Holmer
(Mark's wife)
retail store & inventory  
Tim Ellrick
(Beverly's son)
maintenance manager  
Craig Fogle layout & design computer specialist for Diamond Star
Mark Summerlott layout running a machine shop
Mike Reagan business mgr, Pegasus editor working for the Post Office
Sheryl England artist  
Jim England part time editor/reviewer  
Chuck Anshell Pegasus editor computer work
Paul Jaquays designer/artist artist, Ensemble Studios
Kevin Siembieda contract staff artist owner of Palladium Books
Joe Weingand order processing and retail  
Bryan Hinnen staff writer paralegal
Mitch S. shipping  
Patsy Petrowsky
(Bob's aunt)
order processing  
Penny Gooding composing manager  
Dorothy Bledsaw
(Bob's mother)
contract science fiction author  
Walter C. Bledsaw
(Bob's father)
contract science fiction author  
Robert Bledsaw Jr. staff artist, art director  
Rudy Kraft writer litigation trickster
Wes Crum art manager advertising industry
Erin McGee artist doing art
Ed Mortimer fantasy project manager owns a computer business
John Mortimer staff writer  
Rick Houser layout & artist manager chief designer at an advertising firm
Scott Fulton programmer, staff writer  
Ken Simpson artist in training  
Bill Pixley staff writer head librarian for a library in Chicago
Dave Sering SF project manager  
Violet F. mail order processing  
David Petrowsky wargame designer  
Pixie Bledsaw
(Bob's sister-in-law)
contract artist  
Jerry Taylor layout & pmts  
Dorothy Ellrick
(Norma's mother)
Jerry Ellrick
(Norma's brother)
Don Ellrick
(Norma's brother)
Dan Hauffe staff writer  
Beverly Ellrick
(Norma's sister-in-law)
accounting, taxes  
Bruce Bledsaw shipping  
T.J. Kater shipping  
Woody the Ogre mistake manager in the Webminion's dungeon

More to come ...

Every time this is almost ready to post, the Overlord sends more names and details! Well, it's going up as it is, and more will be filled in later. Perhaps there will be a page of Bob's reminiscences of some of the people who helped build Judges Guild and the things that happened back in the golden age.